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This 3,000-year-old technique is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which helps people reduce pain and many other symptoms. Based on the length of time that acupuncture has been around, it should tell you something about its effectiveness. The U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) recognized, in 1997, acupuncture’s “safety and efficacy for treating a wide range of conditions” ( 10 years later, in 2007, the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) indicated that 6.5 percent of Americans reported using alternative medicine such as acupuncture. Since then, acupuncture is being used more and more to treat many conditions, such as: pain, allergies, stress, depression, and even sleep disturbances. Although there have been extensive studies on the benefits of acupuncture such as relieving neck and back pain, osteoarthritis/knee pain, and headaches, many researchers are have barely scratched the surface on understanding how acupuncture can help a variety of health conditions. What is clear, and what Progressive Acupuncture Wellness Center can show you, is how acupuncture can help with pain.

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Your first visit

If you have never received acupuncture treatment before, you may be cautious during your first visit, as most people are, which is perfectly normal. However, you can rest assured that acupuncture treatment at Progressive Acupuncture Wellness Center is perfectly safe. We take every precaution with our equipment and to ensure your comfort. For instance, acupuncturists are required to only use needles once, and the needles are discarded after they are used. Also, we take great pride in making sure that we offer a sanitary and welcoming environment for all of our patients.

Many first time patients ask how bad acupuncture will hurt. However, they are relieved when they learn that acupuncture doesn’t hurt. Why doesn’t it hurt when you stick needles in the skin? The reason it doesn’t hurt is because the needles are extremely thin, and, even though you may feel some pressure, you will not feel any pain because the needles are a lot thinner than the needles used to give shots. Also, many patients are concerned about the type of treatment and the number of times they will have to come in order to see results. Depending on your condition, it usually requires more than one visit to secure long-term results from acupuncture, but that is why we look at your medical history and discuss your condition in-depth to discover any potential complication. Keep in mind that before your first visit, you want to be sure to eat before treatment. Eating will give you energy and help reduce that chances of feeling lightheaded during your treatment.

If you are considering acupuncture treatment to help remedy your health condition, Progressive Acupuncture Wellness Center is here to help you. Please call (773) 786-9119 to schedule an appointment today with one of our experienced acupuncturists.

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